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Thermo Fisher Scientific

Evolution 300

 Dependable, Accurate Measurements
Built on a 60-year tradition of quality instruments, the Evolution 300 features a true double‑beam design, variable bandwidth, and long lifetime Xenon lamp to ensure the most reliable analysis of your sample. The quite long-life, Xenon lamp is guaranteed for 3 years of maintenance-free performance. The variable bandwidth capability accommodates analyses at 0.5, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, and 4.0 nm for all your analytical needs. For added assurance, the mercury lamp and Calibration Validation Carousel accessories provide automated performance verification to ensure adherence to regulatory guidelines.
Superior Performance for Kinetics
With an industry-leading acquisition rate of 50 data points per second, no other spectrophotometer delivers the same level of performance with the increased flexibility of a double beam instrument. Combine the agility of a fast acquisition rate with a temperature controlled cell-changer or a powerful Rapid Mixing Accessory for increased functionality.Supplied by Applied Photophysics, our Rapid Mixing Accessory features a dead-time of only 8 ms, allowing millisecond kinetics to be measured with ease.
Smart Accessories for Every Sample
Smart Accessories for the Evolution 300 can be installed and removed without restarting the instrument. The accessories are instantly detected and the local control or PC software is configured automatically. The unique serial number of the accessory is recorded giving you the most comprehensive event logs and audit trail capabilities.
Laboratory Flexibility
All common applications such as scanning, fixed wavelength analysis, and kinetics, can be controlled directly from the local control software. For advanced applications, the Evolution 300 also features a powerful suite of software for accurate analysis of your samples. The VISION software series features VISIONproTMand VISIONlifeTM for traditional and life science UV-Visible measurements or VISIONsecurity™ for your regulated laboratory.
For installing the Evolution 300 UV-Vis Spectrophotometer in a regulated or quality control environment, we offer a wide selection of compliance products and servicesto reduce implementation time and assure system performance.
Special Applications Software
For specialized applications the VL series of software is a stand-alone solution. Featuring built‑in analysis methods from agencies like CIE, ASTM, ANSI, and the EN, this software automates calculations and controls the instrument and accessories.
For the analysis of materials, the VL MaterialsCalc software features methods for every industry. This powerful software includes methods for testing the transmission of sunglasses and other lenses, the UV, visible, and near-IR transmission of materials, and sun protection factors (SPF).
The VL Color Calcs software is available for the analysis of color. The VL ColorCalc Basic software automates the calculation of XYZ, Lab, CIE, and other common color calculations. The VL ColorCalc Advanced software expands the list of color calculations to include over 40 DAB/EP color check filters, Pt-Co/Apha color, Gardner and Iodine color, and wine color analysis.


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