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Thermo Fisher Scientific

iCAP™ 7600 ICP-OES Analyzer

For the most demanding trace analysis challenges with high throughput, sensitivity and detection limits, the advanced, innovative Thermo Scientific™ iCAP™ 7600 ICP-OES Analyzer delivers sample to plasma in the most efficient way for increased productivity. This powerful simultaneous spectrometer combines exceptional performance and long term stability with low gas consumption for cost-effective analyses to significantly boost the quality and quantity of your laboratory’s trace analysis. Our highest productivity ICP-OES analyzer offers with advanced, flexible accessory support, such as laser ablation.The rugged, reliable iCAP 7400 ICP-OES is a powerful elemental analyzer with a small footprint; your laboratory will quickly come to rely upon this big performer.

  • The Solution for a Broad Range of Industries

    • Ideal for high-throughput contract laboratories and R&D facilities in most fields of application
    • Great for analyzing challenging or aggressive sample matrices—from pharmaceuticals to materials science and beyond
    • Maximized scalability and accessory connectivity to support expanding lab requirements

    Increase Productivity through Performance

    • With ultra-fast analysis, high accuracy and ease of use, this system will boost your laboratories trace analysis through-put.
    • Powerful Sprint valve and analysis mode to enable ultra-high-speed analysis
    • Rugged, reliable performance with the power and stability to cope with the most difficult sample matrices
    • High efficiency light transmission and excellent resolution, sensitivity and detection capability
    • Free choice of wavelengths over 166–847nm and optimum signal-to-noise measurements at all concentrations
    • Extremely high stability and a thermostatically controlled polychromator for extended analytical runs with fewer re-calibrations
    • Minimized task times and maximized automation with Thermo Scientific™ Qtegra™ Intelligent Scientific Data Solution™ software

    Boost Capability through Flexibility

    • The superb versatility offered by this ICP-OES analyzer makes it a truly indispensable trace analysis solution.
    • Precise, stable delivery of all gas flows for plasma stability, irrespective of changes in atmospheric conditions
    • Easy peripheral connectivity for advanced techniques such as laser ablation
    • Integral mass-flow controller for the delivery of additional gases with more complex applications
    • A range of sample handling kits and auto-samplers for simple, effective configuration and optimum analytical performance, enabling a range of solutions
    • Dedicated Radial plasma or Duo (Axial and Radial) plasma view configurations available
    • Integrated hydride generation system accessory for sub-ppb performance for hydride forming elements


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