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Lab-In-A-Box - ARL Quantoshelter

 October 27, 2003 - voestalpine Stahl Gmbh, the largest integrated metallurgical complex in Europe with raw steel production reaching 4.4 million tons, based in Linz, Austria, has successfully decreased analyses times and satisfied stringent product specifications by using the ARL QuantoShelter from Thermo Fisher Scientific (NYSE:TMO).
The ARL QuantoShelter is a transportable cabin, which has been designed to bring the laboratory to the samples. Comprising of a reinforced container with air conditioning, it houses a fully automated ARL 4460 Optical Emission spectrometer. The spectrometer is further integrated with an ARL SMS-2000 robotics system allowing automatic sample handling and preparation. It operates very much like a process sensor or an on-stream analyzer.
Installed in the vicinity of the ladle furnaces of voestalpine Stahl's LD-Steel plant in Linz, this innovative "Lab in a Box" has now been in operation for over a year. It has contributed to significant productivity gains. The chemical compositions measured include low N2 and low C for a large variety of steel grades, eliminating the need for combustion analysis. A fast vision system based on a high-resolution video camera is used to select the sample spark positions and further optimize analysis time. With sample transportation times reduced, results are also available much faster. A standard orientation analysis is typically available in 90 seconds and a full result in less than 2 minutes.
For ladle furnace secondary metallurgical applications, analytical performance is paramount. The ARL QuantoShelter is one of the first systems ever delivered for such a critical application. It operates under close monitoring and supervision of the central quality control division as a fully decentralized laboratory unit.
Sample processing - including preparation, analysis, result distribution, sample labeling and filing – is fully automated. Once the sample has been introduced to a feed box fitted to the outside wall of the shelter, it does not require any further involvement from an operator. Human error is eliminated from the process affording more accurate and reliable results.
For metals and oxide applications requiring XRF spectrometry, the ARL XRF version of the QuantoShelter is available. The ARL QuantoShelter can also be supplied as a fully integrated process control component of new steel manufacturing facilities supplied by voestalpine Industrieanlagen Gmbh & Co (VAI), one of the world's leading engineering and plant-building companies for the iron and steel industry.


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