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Thermo Fisher Scientific

ARL SMS-3000 twin automation for OES or XRF

 The Thermo Scientific ARL SMS-3000 is a high-end, affordable alternative to single spectrometer automation solutions. The automation of multiple spectrometers and preparation machines offers new opportunities for users requiring more comprehensive and integrated automation solutions in the metals and mining industries.
Combined XRF and OES analysis is particularly relevant to high alloy, stainless steel, copper, brass and bronze applications where a single analysis is produced with high concentration alloy elements from the Thermo Scientific ARL 9800 XRF spectrometer and trace and light elements from the Thermo Scientific ARL 4460 metals analyzer. Just a few seconds are needed for the SMS-3000 robot to move samples between the system components. Time consuming electro-mechanical transfer systems are eliminated.
A double OES configuration is typical of iron and steel laboratories where two instruments are necessary to permanently provide analysis services and assure fast response times when urgent samples have to be processed simultaneously. In Aluminum or Fire Assay applications, two OES instruments are used to cope with heavy sample workloads and assure permanent analytical services. The SMS-3000 is an affordable alternative to the higher cost of two fully duplicate and separate automated lines, each with its own robot and expensive peripherals like the vision system.
Double sample preparation machine support reduces response times, increases sample processing cadence and improves the availability of automatic sample preparation in highly critical production control environments.
The ARL SMS-3000 shares the same options than the other Thermo Scientific SMS versions (vision system for the analysis of prepared sample surfaces, sample labeling, radioactivity measurement) and many more.
Simplified operation and reduced system complexity make the ARL SMS-3000 easy to maintain and service. One screen provides access to the full range of sample tracking and automation user functions. A single registration device and introduction location is used for all production samples, which are then automatically directed to the relevant system components. The same analytical software is used for the XRF and OES applications and automation is based on the proven and reputed ARL SMS software. Moreover, each instrument can be used off-line for manual work without interruption of the automatic system operation.
By eliminating human intervention and integrating automation mechanisms, the ARL SMS-3000 reduces the cost of sample analysis, increases sample throughput and analysis dependability; and leads to higher quality results and better reproducibility.
Thermo Fisher Scientific is unique in designing and manufacturing X-Ray Fluorescence spectrometers (XRF), Optical Emission Spectrometers (OES) and Fire Assay Analyzers (FAA). The ARL SMS-3000 being equipped with a high end Thermo Scientific CRS F3 robot, our competence and responsibilities are not merely limited to one analytical technique or automation but covers the complete system.


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