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Thermo Fisher Scientific

SOLA SPE-Fritless Cartridges and Plates

Thermo Scientific™ SOLA™ products revolutionize Solid Phase Extraction (SPE). This first fritless SPE product range which has been specifically designed for bioanalysis provides greater reproducibility with cleaner, more consistent extracts. 


SOLA products provide unparalleled performance characteristics compared to conventional SPE, phospholipid removal and protein precipitation products.

What this means to your analysis:

  • Higher levels of reproducibility
  • Higher levels of extract cleanliness
  • Reduced solvent requirements
  • Confidence in results

The proprietary manufacturing process involved in the production of SOLA products provides an SPE product which eliminates issues normally associated with conventional loose-packed SPE products, by combining the polyethelyene frit material and media components into a uniform sorbent bed, removing the need for frits.


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