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Thermo Fisher Scientific

Nicolet iS10 FT-IR Spectrometer

 The Thermo Scientific Nicolet™ iS™10 FT-IR spectrometer includes features that validate the instrumental performance, verify the quality of materials, create SOPs and suitability tests, identify unknowns or mixtures, and quantify mixture ingredients. The Nicolet iS10 has been developed especially for the material characterization process, from loading sample information to final report. The Nicolet iS10 is designed for use by any skill level, with many tasks capable of being completed in one click.

Designed for Instrument Qualification

System Performance Verification (SPV) is a powerful tool to ensure that the spectrometer is performing as expected, day after day. SPV includes hardware and software to test the instrument against the ASTM E1421 method by using Shott NG-11 and NIST traceable standards, contained in a built-in motorized wheel.The Nicolet iS10 system verification is programmable and can be set for:
•Daily performance verification
•System suitability
•Validation standards expiration date
•Scheduling preventative maintenance visits
Designed for Ease of Use

The Nicolet iS10 FT-IR spectrometer has been designed for the ease of use and reliability required by laboratories with heavy workloads.
• Easy to access, rechargeable desiccants and built-in humidity indicator
• Integrated scan button and SOP builder, for simple user interface, consistency
and productivity
• Nicolet Smart Accessory™ technology for simple accessory exchange and experimental conditions setup
• Material verification package with standard and high sensitivity correlation algorithm, to fit variability of tested materials
• Innovative multi-component analysis allows identification of principal ingredients of mixtures, enabling every laboratory to troubleshoot contamination problems with confidence
The Nicolet iS10 enables anyone to conduct material testing and identification, consistently and reliably.
Quality and Low Cost of Ownership — Guaranteed

• Fully protected optics, to ensure maximum resistance from chemical vapors and humidity
• Five-year warranty on diamond HATR crystal of the Thermo Scientific Smart iTR™ ATR accessory, optimized for the Nicolet iS10 spectrometer
Speed and Consistency of Data by Performance

Collect spectra of exceptional quality in only a few seconds, saving your time for other tasks. Take advantage of the ease of use of the Smart iTR accessory – the simplest and most efficient way to measure solids, pastes and liquids. Assure the quality of your materials with consistency in your laboratory through our exclusive SOP builder and with system suitability tests.
Enhanced Analytical Power and Productivity

• Measure samples directly through vials, with the integrating sphere conveniently
mounted in the Nicolet iZ10 FT-IR module
• Characterize materials quickly and easily by switching to TGA/IR interface installed in the Nicolet iZ10 FT-IR module
• Achieve high throughput screening by powder and liquid auto samplers
• Identify unknowns with the power of OMNIC Specta, which includes a 9,000
spectra database and innovative multicomponent search routines

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