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Thermo Fisher Scientific


TraceFinder™ software allows the analyst to develop high throughput screening and quantitative assays quickly and accurately, using Thermo Scientific mass spectrometer (MS) systems. TraceFinder is fully integrated with Thermo Scientific Xcalibur core software, and provides a comprehensive system incorporating built-in methods for commonly found contaminants, processing methods, library searching capabilities, data review, and reporting with built-in templates. It also includes a rights-based secure user login system to protect the integrity of nalytical data.


Simplified Workflow-driven Data Acquisition, Processing, and Reporting

  • TraceFinder Software optimized for Environmental and Food Safety provides the ability to meet worldwide regulations in environmental laboratories.
  • TraceFinder Software optimized for Clinical Research and Forensic Toxicology provides for easy implementation of the related requirements in clinical research and forensic toxicology laboratories.
  • TraceFinder Software optimized for General Quantitation offers the necessary data processing and reporting capabilities for general analytical laboratories where specific workflows or reports are not required.


Designed for Ease of Use and Powerful Performance

  • Intelligent Sequencing
  • Semi-quantitative workflows
  • Multi-peak review capabilities
  • Compound Database (CDB)
  • Extensive flagging options
  • Automatic retention time and ion ratio adjustment
  • Smart calibration curves
  • Preconfigured methods for Environmental and Food Safety applications
  • Preconfigured methods for Clinical Research applications
  • System start-up and shut-down methods
  • Library search capabilities
  • Smart reporting


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