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AutoQuan is a solution for the automated optimization, method development and quantification on a high-resolution triple quadrupole mass spectrometer.

ImageQuest Software

Intuitive ImageQuest software enables the visualization of imaging data, creating two-dimensional and three-dimensional maps of analyzed tissue for the optimal display of data.

Lcquan Software

LCQUAN 2.5.5 quantitative software package enables 21 CFR Part 11, compliance (treats electronic records the same as paper records) and includes several additional new features.

Mass Frontier Spectral Interpretation Software

 Transform mass spectral data into answers, quickly and easily using Thermo Scientific™ Mass Frontier spectral interpretation software. Mass Frontier software provides small-molecule structural elucidation for research into metabolism, metabolomics, forensics, natural products, impurities, and degradants. Innovative features simplify the management, evaluation, and interpretation of GC and LC mass spectral data. Mass Frontier software complements Thermo Scientific™ MetWorks™, MetQuest™, and SIEVE™ software for specific metabolite and metabolism applications.

MetWorks Automated Metabolite Identification Software

Integrates acquisition, processing, and reporting for metabolic LC/MSn analyses. It simplifies and accelerates the search for expected and unexpected biotransformations. Study metabolic stability, find biotransformations, and identify metabolite structures easily and confidently with Thermo Scientific™ MetWorks™ software.

PEAKS Studio Software

Perform de novo sequencing, protein identification, assisted manual sequencing, and data manipulation quickly and efficiently using PEAKS Studio software.

Pinpoint™ Software

Leverage previously acquired proteomics discovery data to simplify the development of targeted quantitative assays with Thermo Scientific™ Pinpoint™ software.

ProMass Deconvolution

ProMass is ideal for the analysis of intact proteins and oligonucleotides and is optimized for high-throughput applications. Produce artifact-free deconvoluted ESI mass spectra of proteins and other biomolecules from MS data using Thermo Scientific™ ProMass Deconvolution™ software.

ProSightPC Software

ProSightPC allows top down identification and characterization of proteins, including their post-translational modifications (PTMs).

Proteome Discoverer

Identify and quantify proteins in complex biological samples using the powerful, yet flexible Thermo Scientific™ Proteome Discoverer™ software

QuickCalc Software

Assess the pharmacokinetic properties of new drug candidates faster using LC-MS/MS and Thermo Scientific™ QuickCalc™ software.

QuickQuan Software

QuickQuan software is a fully automated, high-throughput solution for early drug discovery applications. It speeds the pace of LC-MS/MS analysis in drug discovery through intelligent automation.

SIEVE Automated Label-Free Differential Expression Software

Thermo Scientific SIEVE software is an automated software package for the label-free, semi-quantitative differential expression analysis of proteins, peptides and metabolites. Confidently and reproducibly identify components with statistically significant intersample differences in abundance using Thermo Scientific™ SIEVE™ software.


ToxID Software

Automated Toxicology Screening Software. Substantially simplify LC-MS/MS screening workflows for forensic toxicology laboratories with Thermo Scientific™ ToxID Automated Screening Software. Designed for labs where a premium is placed on simple, easy-to-use software for novice LC-MS/MS user


Perform routine GC, GC-MS, LC, and LC-MS quantitation as well as targeted screening and qualitative review of data with Thermo Scientific™ TraceFinder™ Software. Compatible with all Thermo Scientific quantitative GC and LC mass spectrometry platforms along with nonmass spectrometer detectors, TraceFinder Software offers a simple solution for laboratories performing routine analysis. TraceFinder Software is designed to make routine quantitation and targeted analysis simple, fast and productive.


Xcalibur - the Universal Mass Spectrometry Data System. Control, and process data from, Thermo Scientific™ LC-MS systems and related instruments with easy-to-use Thermo Scientific™ Xcalibur™ software. Windows™-based, Xcalibur software provides method setup, data acquisition, data processing, and reporting. It provides complete security and tracking, and compliant reporting—it supports 21-CFR part 11—if used with XReport. Xcalibur software integrates seamlessly with a vast range of additional Thermo Scientific LC-MS software for specific applications.


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