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The unequivocal separation of analyte ions from spectral interferences is a prerequisite of accurate and precise elemental analysis. High mass resolution is the universal means for this separation. The capability of high mass resolution is a feature unique to the ELEMENT2: it is the only high performance, double focusing magnetic sector field ICP-MS.
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Product Detail
Multielemental Analysis
Everything in Everything (almost)
Interference free measurement of almost the whole periodic table and in almost all matrices
From ultra-trace to matrix components
Quantitative, Isotopic and Species Information
The ELEMENT2 is a double focusing magnetic sector field ICP-MS.
ICP-MS is the accepted and most powerful technique for the analysis and quantification of trace elements. Its applications range from the semiconductor industry to geological and environmental analyses, from biological research to material sciences. The most severe limitation of ICP-MS are polyatomic interferences on the elemental signals, originating from Argon and/or the sample matrix. High Mass resolution is the Gold Standard for the identification and elimination of interferences. Elimination of interferences enables accurate and reliable quantitative multi-element analyses at trace levels, even without sample preparation.
The ELEMENT2 redefines high resolution ICP-MS by setting a new standard for productivity at the highest level of analytical performance. With the experience of more than 250 installed ELEMENTs, Thermo Scientific, the leader in high resolution ICP-MS, has rigorously optimized the ELEMENT2 for ease-of-use, stability and productivity. Autotuning of all parameters, including lenses, gas flows and the torch position ensures a reproducible and reliable system setup. Refined ion optics deliver high transmission at high resolution. The Thermo Scientific ELEMENT2 is the high resolution ICP-MS for routine productivity in your laboratory.
With the ELEMENT2 there is always access to the most powerful technique to solve a specific problem, combined with the highest sensitivity and the best signal-to-noise ratio. If there is a solution using ICP-MS, the ELEMENT2 has it. No other ICP-MS system can make this claim: ultimate sensitivity at all resolution settings, ultimate selectivity through high mass resolution, 'hot' and 'cold' plasma conditions, high speed for transient signals, high stability for isotope ratios, full automation for routine productivity and full access to all instrumental parameters for method development.
Multielement analysis across the periodic table covering a mg/L to sub pg/L concentration range - Compatible with inorganic and organic solution matrices and solids
High mass resolution to access spectrally interfered isotopes - Produces unambiguous elemental spectra
A multielemental detector for transient signals - For example, CE, HPLC, GC, FFF and laser ablation
High precision isotope ratios - On non-interfered or interfered isotopes
Fully automated tuning and analysis - In conjunction with a comprehensive, customizable quality control system
Reliability and robustness to serve as a 24/7 production control tool - Highest sample throughput
Highest flexibility and accessibility to serve as an advanced research tool
Sensitivity (Concentric Nebulizer) : >1 x 10e9 counts per second (cps)/ppm In
Detection Power : < 1 ppq for non-interfered nuclides
Dark Noise : < 0.2 cps
Dynamic Range : >10e9 linear with automatic gain calibration
Mass Resolution : 300, 4000, 10,000 (10% valley, equivalent to 5% height) 600, 8000, 20,000 (FWHM)
Signal Stability : better than 1% over 10 minutes, better than 2% over 1 hour
Scan Speed (magnetic) : m/z 7 -> 240 to 7 < 150 ms
Scan Speed (electric) : 1 ms/jump, independent of mass range
Oxide and Doubly Charged Ions : ratio BaO+/Ba+ measured < 0.002, ratio Ba2+ / Ba+ measured <0.03

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