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Products in "OE Automation Systems"

ARL 9900 X-ray Workstation™

The new Thermo Scientific ARL 9900 WorkStation™ is the most powerful and versatile X-ray spectrometer available today! It delivers XRF as well as Full XRD analysis, enabling elemental analysis and full phase quantification.

ARL ADVANT'X XRF series with IntelliPower™

High Performance WDXRF Spectrometers with IntelliPower™.

ARL OPTIM'X XRF spectrometer

Smart and Unique combined sequential and simultaneous spectrometer. Flexibility, simplicity, reliability, and accuracy are traits of the ARL OPTIM'X.

ARL SMS-2000 automation for OES

For industrial production control applications, the Thermo Scientific SMS-2000 product family is designed for continuous automatic processing of samples around the optical emission spectrometers family.

ARL SMS-3000 twin automation for OES or XRF

The Thermo Scientific ARL SMS-3000 is a high-end, affordable alternative to single spectrometer automation solutions.

ARL X'TRA powder diffractometer

The ARL X'TRA is a state-of-the-art instrument for powder X-ray diffraction: the new engineering design of the goniometer and Peltier colled Si(Li) solid state detector produce a high performance instrument...

ARMS - ARL Laboratory Management System

Thermo Scientific ARMS is designed specifically for high speed and unattended metals production control operations.

Lab-In-A-Box - ARL Quantoshelter

The ARL QuantoShelter is a transportable cabin, which has been designed to bring the laboratory to the samples. Comprising of a reinforced container with air conditioning, it houses a fully automated ARL 4460 Optical Emission spectrometer.

OXSAS - Optical Emission Analytical Software

Thermo Scientific OXSAS is the most modern software for OES spectrometers of type ARL 4460, ARL Fire Assay, ARL 3460 and ARL 3460 Advantage.

OXSAS - X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis Software

Thermo Scientific OXSAS is the most modern software for WDXRF spectrometers of type ARL ADVANT'X IntelliPower™ Series, ARL OPTIM'X and ARL 9900 IntelliPower™ Series.

PetroilQuant™ Calibration Package

PetroilQuant™ is a comprehensive analytical package which covers the widest range of elements and concentrations in a variety of oil industry products.


RIGAS LABS S.A. is the major distributor of scientific instruments for analytical laboratories in Greece. It also develops techniques and instrumentation for the characterization of substances, applications in the fields of ...

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