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Thermo Fisher Scientific

TSQ Quantis Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer

Features that enable superior confidence in quantitation every day

Mass Range: 

10 to 2000

Active Ion Management Plus (AIM+)

The next step in precision design ensures ultimate performance in ion management, inception to detection, from the Thermo Scientific™ OptaMax™ NG ion source housing to the enhanced electron multiplier. AIM+ incorporates segmented quadrupoles and enhanced RF and DC electronics to further optimize ion management precision, reliability, speed, and reproducibility.

OptaMax NG ion source with integrated APCI

Automates all gas and voltage connections for ease of use. Provides optimizable spray position for ultimate performance in HESI or APCI mode.

Ion beam guide with neutral blocker

Provides robust performance and maximum sensitivity by blocking neutrals and efficiently transmitting ions.

Segmented quadrupoles for improved transmission

Enhances ion transmission ensuring consistent results across a wide mass range, instruments and over time, for increased productivity.

Active collision cell with axial DC field

Enables ultra-fast selected reaction monitoring (SRM).

Enhanced dual-mode discrete-dynode electron multiplier detector

Extends multiplier lifetime with increased surface area. Maintains excellent linearity and dynamic range.

Quantitative throughput with confidence

The TSQ Quantis triple quadrupole mass spectrometer with superior sensitivity and dynamic range ensures robust, reliable quantitation at low-levels and in complex samples.

Sensitive, selective, fast

Innovations in ion source and mass analyzer offer high sensitivity, reduced noise, and more data points with high SRM rates.

Robustness at its best

Designed for stable, reliable performance, every TSQ Quantis MS system produces high-confidence results.

Everyday usability for every user

The TSQ Quantis mass spectrometer provides practical ease of use and performance features to increase sample throughput.

  • Simple maintenance (no need to break vacuum)
  • More compounds per sample–more samples per day
  • Automated compound optimization
  • SRM visualization and optimization
  • Streamlined data review and reporting



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