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Thermo Fisher Scientific

Thermo Fisher ScientificThink Thermo Scientific for superior analytical instruments, laboratory equipment, software, services, consumables  and reagents.Find better workflow solutions spanning sample preparation, sample analysis and data interpretation.

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Scientific Systems Inc.

Scientific Systems Inc. LabAllianceScientific Systems Inc. (SSI) is my world leader in the design and manufacturer of high-pressure pumps and associated fluid path components for High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) and precision metering applications. Since 1967, SSI has provided innovative products to the HPLC and chemical process industries, with the highest quality and value.


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HamiltonHamilton, founded on the technology of analytical syringes,  has evolved with advances in scientific techniques to provide a broad offering of products for precision fluid measuring.
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Macherey Nagel

Macherey NagelMACHEREY-NAGEL’s expertise in R & D and manufacturing of separation media is based on many years of experience in silica technology.



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PSS Polymer Standards Service

PSS Polymer Standards ServicePSS is fully dedicated to the advancement of Macromolecular Liquid Chromatography,by means of materials design, synthesis, manufacturing, consulting, service and innovative research,

applying the highest standard of expertise and reliability. 

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Peak Scientific

Peak ScientificPeak Scientific range of products – including small to large

scale nitrogen and hydrogen systems – is primarily used to

supply analytical equipment (GC/ LCMS) for the purposes of materials characterization.

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Fisher UK Part of Thermofisher Scientific

Fisher UK Part of Thermofisher ScientificWhether it’s fine chemicals, consumables or equipment,

Fisher Scientific has over 170,000 product lines to provide

you with consistent, reproducible results.

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Fisher USA Part of Thermofisher Scientific

Fisher USA Part of Thermofisher ScientificFisher Scientific has the resources you need to reinvest in

research through technology, innovation and renovation.


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ShodexShodex packed columns and consumables for HPLC.

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Evoqua Water Technologies

Evoqua Water Technologies Evoqua Water Technologies has been developing,

producing and selling ultra pure water systems, reverse osmosis equipment, electro-deionization systems and project-related systems.

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SmegSmeg has made a name for itself with its unique profile as a manufacturer of washing and disinfection, ultrasound

cleaners, proffetional refrigeration, detergents and additives e.t.c.


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IDEX Health & Science LLC

IDEX Health  Science LLC 2,500 chromatography and fluid transfer components for analytical, biotech, and diagnostic instrument applications.

 Key stock products from Upchurch Scientific, Rheodyne, Isolation Technologies, Ismatec, Systec, and Gast are represented and are available

for purchase from IDEX Health & Science.

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ASIAnalytical Scientific Instruments Innovative Solutions for HPLC and LC/MS



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EST Analytical

EST AnalyticalSince 1990, EST has supplied analytical laboratories with advanced instrumentation solutions...



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Velp Scientifica

Velp Scientifica VELP Scientifica is a reliable partner for the development of advanced analytical solutions and instruments for

 laboratories, universities, research centers and companies involved in scientific research. VELP offers four diversifi  business categories: Stirring Line,

Food&Feed Line,Environment Line, Pumps Line.

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FIAlabFIAlab Instruments, Inc. is a leading manufacturer and

distributor of FI, SI, and SIC systems, software,components and accessories.

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Supercritical Fluid Technologies

Supercritical Fluid TechnologiesSupercritical Fluid Technologies, Inc. is a full-service

company in the supercritical fluid (SCF) field. We provide a

full range of services and proven, field tested products to meet your exacting needs in

supercritical fluid extraction and reaction science.

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SinterfaceSINTERFACE is active particularly in the field of designing

new measurement technique and its programming for

application in Colloid and Interface Science.

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LGC Standards (Promochem)

LGC Standards PromochemLGC Standards - Global quality management solutions for

the laboratory


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GreyhoundGreyhound Chromatography & Allied Chemicals was

established in 1981 to serve the chromatography industry

as a single source supplier of products from the worlds

leading manufacturers of chromatography consumables 

and certified reference standards.

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BASiBASi provides world-class research to the pharmaceutical

industry worldwide. Established in 1974, we offer an

extensive array of contract laboratory services and also

manufacture more than 30 different scientific instruments.

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ChironChiron is a 20 year old company with main office in the

lovely city of Trondheim in the northern country of Norway.

Our staff is comprised of 20 talented people with

backgrounds in Chemistry, Biochemistry and

Economics.Chiron offers a varied, flexible and innovative

range of biomarkers to suit the needs of the individual customer.

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VICI-JourVICI-Jour Chromatography and Fluid/GAs Transfer

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Larodan Fine Chemicals

Larodan Fine Chemicals

The Lipid and Research Chemicals Company



R. Espinar S.L. (Raypa)

raypaManufacturer of LaboratoryEquipment covering thedifferent needs of the market with quality products andcompetitive prices.



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DataApexEffective Chromatography Software Solutions
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OMNISince 1956, the name Omni has been synonymous withlaboratory homogenizers.
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OPTIKA Microscopes

OPTIKA MicroscopesOptika Microscopes is the optical microscopy division ofM.A.D. Apparecchiature Scientifiche, a Companyestablished over 30 years ago as a key actor in the field ofscientific instrumentation.
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Kern & Sohn Gmbh

Kern  Sohn GmbhPrecision balance manufacturing.
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PolysciencePolyScience is a leading producer of constant temperaturecontrol equipment. Since 1963, we have been providinginnovative temperature control solutions for our customersworldwide.
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Star-EuropeStar Europe offers the most complete Total OrganicCarbon (TOC) product line available and is the onlymanufacturer with all methods of TOC analysis.
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Interscience G·A·S – Global Analyser Solutions

Interscience GAS  Global Analyser SolutionsInterscience is a trading company founded in 1975 whichnow holds a leading market position in the field ofChromatography in the Benelux countries.
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RIVMThe Community Reference Laboratory (CRL) is a centre of expertise for analysis of biological residues produced byfood-production animals for the presence of hormonal growth promoting compounds, sedatives and mycotoxins
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National Research Council Canada

National Research Council CanadaThe Certified Reference Materials Program of the NationalResearch Council operates out of two institutes, IMB inHalifax and INMS in Ottawa.


Wako Chemicals GmbH

Wako Chemicals GmbHWako Chemicals GmbH is an international corporationsupplying a variety of innovative
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Reichert Technologies Analytical Instruments

 Reichert Technologies Analytical InstrumentsReichert Technologies is the only refractometermanufacturer which designs, manufactures, sells, andservices a full line of laboratory and portable/fieldrefractometers in the United States that are recognizableas industry standards, as well as leading edge, state-of-the-art new products.

Trace Elemental Instruments

Trace Elemental InstrumentsTE Instruments is the key supplier for laboratory traceelemental Instruments, specialized in AOX, EOX & TOX
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SCINCOSCINCO, founded in 1990, continues to challenge the state of the art in developing and manufacturing the high-technology analytical instruments such as PDA UV-Vis Spectrophotometer , Color Spectrophotometer, Fluorescence Spectrometer, Thermal Analyzer  Double Beam UV-Vis Spectrophotometer, etc
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A Network of Excellence

Rigas Labs offers to the Greek scientific society a bunch of companies that are leaders in the instruments industry worldwide.

Moreover, Rigas Labs is the Master Distributor for the Scientific Systems, Inc. in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.



RIGAS LABS S.A. is the major distributor of scientific instruments for analytical laboratories in Greece. It also develops techniques and instrumentation for the characterization of substances, applications in the fields of ...

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